Judicial (Court Ordered)

Court-ordered tests require care and professionalism when it comes to drug and alcohol testing. The courts mandate that a reliable drug and alcohol testing partner performs the test to ensure:


  • The individual under evaluation submitted the collection for testing.
  • The collection was not tampered with or falsified.
  • The collection went through a thorough process and results are reliable and accurate.
  • No part of the process, nor the results, were interrupted.
  • The drug court donors are treated with courtesy and respect.

The results of a court-ordered drug test carry significant implications in matters dealing with:

  • Drug Court
  • Court-Mandated Testing and Monitoring
  • Child Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Random Test Management
  • Child Custody
  • Unknown Substance Identification

ARCpoint Labs of Columbia performs any of our drug and alcohol tests for court-ordered testing. We provide accurate, reliable and confidential testing procedures to ensure judicial matters are settled with solid evidence.