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Breath Alcohol

DOT Breath Alcohol Screening

All DOT-regulated organizations must administer alcohol and drug testing that is required by the department’s set of guidelines. Included in these guidelines are breath alcohol screenings when necessary.

ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC manages experts in collections who are compliant in DOT alcohol screening. Allow us to be of service and provide you with accurate, reliable testing.

Certified Breath And Alcohol Screening Test Administrators

The staff at ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC is able to keep standards at their highest through the employment and training of Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATs) and screening the testers (STTs). These professionals are responsible for providing instructions and helping with the screening process. They are able to provide alcohol testing by making sure the device is used correctly.

The BATs and STTs can personally provide an immediate screening and have the results back in a short amount of time. ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC employees are well-versed in the collections and testing procedures which are described in 49 CFR Part 40 and subparts J-R, including:

  • Issues that may occur while alcohol testing
  • Alcohol Screening Confirmation
  • Tasks that must be completed by service agents
  • Providing access to testing sites, equipment, and supplies
  • Utilization of Federal Alcohol Testing (ATF) forms

BATs and STTs at ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC are expertly-trained to provide correct testing procedures while maintaining the cleanest environment possible. This helps to ensure the accuracy of the test.

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