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Post-Accident Testing

Post Accident / Incident Testing

Specific guidelines are outlined per the DOT for post accident or incident testing. Some requirements include:

  • Substance abuse monitoring
  • Alcohol abuse monitoring
  • Actual time of testing
Work injury report with pencil.
Image of physician's folded arms holding stethoscope.

DOT-Approved Post Accident Testing in Columbia, SC

ARCpoint Labs is a provider of emergency and post-incident testing in the Columbia, SC area. We collaborate with a national collection network which enables 24-hour mobile and emergency services on site. This enables us to offer extended hours, mobile, and emergency room collections. DOT compliance is mandated for all clients, even non-DOT regulated clients.

ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC ensures your business is supplied with the proper DOT-compliant drug and alcohol tests. We take the necessary steps to ensure your business is educated and has properly maintained the necessary post-incident records and files. To discuss compliance or request additional forms, contact ARCpoint Labs today.

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