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Drug & Alcohol

Reliable Alcohol and Drug Testing for Your Organization

Most businesses have inadvertently hired someone who abuses drugs or alcohol, and our staff is here to provide the accurate, reliable, and confidential drug or alcohol testing to reduce your chances of falling into this statistic.

ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC provides accurate testing for hundreds of court systems, businesses, schools, and DOT-regulated organizations and corporations all over the United States.

Alcohol Screening & Drug Testing Services

Our lab is up-to-date with the latest technologies in drug and alcohol testing. Clients may request any of the following drug and alcohol collection methods from ARCpoint Labs:

Types of Drug Testing

Depending on the client and their individual circumstances, our staff understands that testing processes vary. Here at ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC, we take your details into consideration as we customize the most suitable plan for you.

Types of Alcohol Testing

Testing for alcohol abuse can be tricky as the body metabolizes it quickly. That’s why we offer various methods. While they each have their own unique features and benefits as well as downsides, we can help review your needs to find the one that will offer you the right solution.

Workplace Testing

We make it our goal to keep your workplace drug and alcohol-free. From pre-employment and random testing to post-accident, reasonable suspicion, and more, we’re with you every step of the way.

Mobile & On-site Testing

Can’t make it to our facility? ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC can bring our sophisticated tools to you with our mobile and on-site testing. This helps you improve efficiency while maintaining assurance that your tests will be accurate and reliable.

Social/Family Testing

All across our country, children are exposed to drug abuse. Our staff can perform testing to determine if a child has been passively exposed in their environment.

Academics/Athletics Testing

ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC understands the importance of maintaining the integrity of our youth, and we offer the services you need to ensure student athletes remain drug-free.

Common Abused Drugs

In our SAMSHA-certified testing facilities, you can rely on our procedural methods when testing for the most commonly abused drugs.

Prescription Monitoring

A growing number of patients are misusing the various medications they are prescribed, and we are proud to partner with physicians to help decrease these occurrences.

ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC: Reliable and Locally-Owned Facilities You Can Count On

Whether you need lab-based, on-site, or mobile services, ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC has a solution for you. We are a national provider of drug and alcohol testing services, and our locally-owned facilities make it convenient for you to take the hassle out of developing a strategic drug and alcohol-free policy for your organization.

A gloved hand holding a vile of blood labeled alcohol.
A spilled bottle of white pills along with a syringe and spoon of white powder.

A Preferred Drug & Alcohol Testing Partner

All ARCpoint Labs locations are preferred collection sites for Quest Diagnostics and network collection sites for LabCorp. Each location follows the standards set by the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and uses SAMHSA-certified labs for confirmation testing. This helps ensure that our drug or alcohol testing results are reliable and legally-admissible.

Accurate, Reliable, Confidential Drug & Alcohol Testing

There are so many things to consider as you develop your drug and alcohol testing procedure. From what you’re testing for and detection window to local drug trends and more, it often requires more than just a standard urinalysis to get the results you specifically need. When you work with our drug testing and alcohol testing experts, we can help ensure all critical elements are considered.

Regardless of the plan you choose, ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC promises accurate, reliable, and confidential service. We are trained drug and alcohol testing professionals you can count on to ensure the safety of your workplace, school, DOT, or family.

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ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC is here to take the confusion out of drug and alcohol testing, helping you provide an ideal workplace, school, or community environment.