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Common Abused Drugs

Commonly Abused Drugs

The first step to solving a problem is to identify it. If you feel one of your employees may have been abusing drugs, you can rely on the staff at ARCpoint Labs in Columbia, SC to provide reliable testing to put your suspicions to rest. We offer testing for the most commonly-abused substances including:


Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances. While many adults consume alcohol responsibly, there is a large group of teens and adults who over-consume and even binge drink.

  • Men who average 2 drinks or more and women who average 1 or more per day are defined as heavy or binge drinkers.
  • The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, defines binge drinking as repetitive alcohol consumption that elevates blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels to 0.08% or more. Men who binge drink typically consume 5 or more drinks in about two hours; for women the number is 4 or more drinks in a single sitting.

See more information about Alcohol Abuse from the CDC.
At ARCpoint Labs, we can test for alcohol abuse with oral fluid drug tests and breath alcohol tests.

Male performing a breathalyzer test.


There is a growing push across the country for legalization of marijuana. Regardless of where you live, however, federal law still considers marijuana use to be illegal, and ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC can ensure your test subject is in compliance. We have several methods of testing depending on your needs including:

  • Oral fluid testing
  • Sweat patch testing
  • Fingernail testing
  • Hair testing
  • Urine testing


Some areas of our country are more prone to methamphetamine use than others as it’s more common in small towns. If you live in an area prone to abuse, there are a number of dangerous side effects that impact the user and everyone around them. Since the drug can be made at home after simply purchasing over-the-counter medication, it’s proven to be difficult to manage. When testing for meth, our staff is able to utilize the same solutions we offer for marijuana testing:

urine testing, hair drug tests, fingernail drug tests, sweat patch drug tests and oral fluid drug tests.

A spilled bottle of white pills along with a syringe and spoon of white powder.

Prescription Drugs

When you visit the doctor’s office, you typically assume other patients are there to be seen for real illnesses. Sadly, many embellish their symptoms in order to gain access to prescription drugs they intend to misuse. This problem has led to thousands of fatal overdoses. If you’re concerned, ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC provides accurate and reliable drug testing results.

Synthetic Drugs and Bath Salts

There are many “fake” versions of common drugs like marijuana that come in the form of seemingly harmless household items like bath salts. While they are outlawed by the DEA, their newness can make it difficult to regulate. If you suspect use, you can trust ARCpoint Labs for quality synthetic drug testing you can rely on.  

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