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Social/Family Testing

Court-Admissible Social Services Testing

It’s often necessary for social service agencies to administer drug testing in order to determine the best course of action to help those they serve. Whether it’s needed for employment or to determine whether or not those in foster care, group homes or on juvenile detention centers are engaging in illicit drug use, accurate and reliable results are a must.

Since these types of readings often end up being used as evidence in court, it’s crucial that they are accurate. After all, they can have long-lasting effects on the testing subjects and even cause families to be broken apart. A false positive could have long-lasting negative impacts. That’s why you should rely on a professional drug testing facility like we have established at ARCPoint Labs in Columbia, SC. Call today to access the reliable services we have to offer.

Proudly Helping You Make a Better Community

ARCpoint Labs proudly assists social service agencies, courts, law firms, and other organizations throughout the nation in matters of:

Lunch & Learn

Want a free lunch while learning about a variety of interesting topics? Attend an ARCpoint Lunch & Learn session  . . .

Passive Exposure and Environmental Testing

When children are exposed to drug use and production, there are serious risks posed to their health, and it could put them at an increased risk of engagement of  abuse in the future. We offer passive exposure and environment testing to help remove kids from dangerous situations . . .

Rohypnol GHB Drug Testing

“Roofie” is chemically known as Rohypnol GHB. We provide testing to help reveal the truth of what happened . . .

Teen & Student Testing

Our kids face many pressures, and many can find themselves feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of things like sports and social media. Teens can sometimes be led to feel like drugs and alcohol can help them escape their feelings . . .

Drug Testing for Social Services & Families – ARCpoint Labs

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC for accurate, reliable and confidential drug testing services for any social services or family application.