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It’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent drug use in the workplace, but many testing methods can only detect use during a limited time frame. When you rely on hair drug tests, however, long-term use can be revealed, and this can prove highly effective for safety-critical positions. Hair drug testing is a great way to enforce a zero-tolerance policy.

We do not test the follicle, so this should not be confused with a hair follicle test. When drugs are used, the resulting metabolites enter the bloodstream, and some of them end up in the hair shaft.


Hair testing drug facts:

  • For testing for the past 14 to 90 days of use, hair testing is the most accurate method.
  • Results can be provided in as little as 3-5 business days.
  • Great solution for long-term, chronic use.
  • Unknowns in results are reduced as there are no proven ways to cheat a hair drug test.

Understanding the Collection Process

When we test in our many facilities across the nation, we prefer to take samples from the crown. We only require a very small volume of hair for reliable results.

Once we have retrieved a sample, we proceed to remove contaminants using a special chemical solution. Finally, the sample is liquefied and tested.  

Gloved hands holding scissors cutting hair.
Female lab technician performing tests in lab.

Accommodating Testing Window

Trace amounts of drug metabolites can be detected for up to 90 days using hair drug testing. This window is extended much further than many other methods since traces of drugs become locked in the hair as it grows after being deposited from the bloodstream.

Since hair is composed of the hard protein keratin, the testing process used for hair is the same as for fingernails.

Testing Services for All Your Needs

We make scheduling for your employee hair drug test easy. Call ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC today to find out how.