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Set Your Company Up for Success With Supervisor Drug-Free Workplace Training

Your company’s drug-free workplace policy will only work when everyone is on the same page, and communication is the key to success. All too many companies fail to implement their plans properly or even not execute them at all. It’s crucial to keep in mind that successful implementation is the only way to set the tone for your business, and this depends on the knowledge of supervisors. They are typically your front line, so they should be well-aware of their responsibilities under the policy.

Male presenting to co-workers at conference table.

Step 1: Invest in Proper Supervisor Training

The supervisors work directly with your workforce, and they are the ones who must understand what to look for and how to put your company’s drug-free policy into action. In order to succeed, it’s critical that they’re carefully trained and supported. Just a few things your supervisors and managers must be adequately trained to do include:

  • Know the most commonly abused drugs and their effects
  • Understand their role in implementation
  • Recognize and be alert for observable behaviors that may indicate an employee is actively abusing drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Understand the physiology and psychology of addiction
  • Understand and accept their responsibility in implementation
  • Understand strategies for approaching an employee suspected of substance abuse
  • Understand the goals of the drug-free workplace policy

Step 2 – Effective Roll Out to all Employees

Once your company’s drug & alcohol policy is developed and adopted and your supervisors have been properly trained, the time has come to rollout the plan to the entire floor. This will be an ongoing process in order to ensure all new hires are made aware of their responsibilities under the plan as well as potential consequences they face. ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC is here to offer the help you need. We have the experience necessary to help ensure you don’t overlook anything and your policy offers optimal success.

ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC Is Here Assist Your Managerial Team

The effective rollout of your drug and alcohol policy can be stressful, and your management team needs to remain in-the-know. ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC can walk you through every step of the way.