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Child Support Paternity Testing

Child Support Cases Rely on Evidence from DNA Testing

Paternity-related issues have long been a common courtroom theme. However, legal systems today only involve themselves in child support cases after the presentation of compelling DNA evidence. Without DNA evidence, a case is ruled out as null and void. To this end, the plaintiff is rarely able to win a child support petition successfully. There are many cases where paternity testing is needed. For instance, DNA evidence is a primary requirement in a case where a mother wants an alleged father to support his child financially. On the other hand, such a need arises whenever the state lodges a court petition to have an alleged father offer monetary support to a child who has been a recipient of public aid.


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Helping You Establish Relationships

A mother might advocate for a paternity test through a court of law in a scenario when an alleged father completely denies ever being involved in a relationship that led to the birth of a baby. Evidence from paternity tests is very compelling and rarely subject to denial. ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC specializes in the administration of DNA tests, especially on fathers and children. Our professionals receive specialized training so they can handle all your DNA samples with complete discretion. In so doing, they help preserve vital evidence that might acquit you of any wrong-doing in a court of law.

Advancements in Paternity Testing Technology

Paternity testing technology has changed over the years. Today, you can even test for the biological relationship between a man and a fetus. The procedure involves taking a blood sample from the unborn baby, checking it and then comparing the results with those of the alleged father. Hence, cases where women falsely purport to have sired a child with a particular person can be identified quickly. ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC obtains test samples from fetuses without jeopardizing the health of either mother or baby. Currently, the accuracy of these tests ranks at ninety-nine percent.

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ARCpoint Labs Offers Legally Admissible & Confidential DNA Tests

Denying paternity is very common, and DNA testing can clear up any questions to help both parents prepare for their responsibilities long before the birth. To this end, they can initiate amicable child support agreements, thus avoiding years of court battles.

At ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC, all our procedures follow particular criteria. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, DNA samples are taken, tested, and evaluated by certified personnel who we trust. Our strict processes results in minimal room for error.

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