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Immigration DNA Testing

DNA Testing for Immigration Matters

DNA testing can be a critical step when it comes to the immigration process. A DNA test can be required as evidence of a relationship between a beneficiary and petitioner should evidence like a birth certificate is not sufficient or conclusive enough to make a decision according to the U.S. Embassy or USCIS. A DNA test can prove a relationship between many family members including parents and children, siblings, and grandparents and grandchildren. Therefore, a DNA test can be extremely beneficial in certain immigration cases.

Here at ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC, we send all of our testing collections to a laboratory that is accredited by the AABB to perform analysis on samples and provide results. This step is required by the United States government for any and all immigration DNA testing.

A Consular Officer might require visa applicants to seek DNA testing to guarantee the claimed relationship between two people. This testing is considered voluntary, and hence all costs for the testing is paid through the person who initiates the testing process to take place. Many companies and agencies require that this payment be made in advance. ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC does not guarantee a visa will be issued upon test results being received by the required government agency.

Available Immigration DNA Testing

In many cases, DNA testing is the only way to prove certain relationships between families in an immigration situation. Typically, this situation arises because paperwork such as birth certificates are missing, incomplete, destroyed, damaged, or otherwise unavailable. Before DNA testing for immigration can be scheduled, there is basic information required which includes:

  • A postal address or email address where results can be sent
  • A valid payment method
  • All required government paperwork and documents
  • Current contact information for all individuals involved
  • Names of all individuals involved in the test

Here at ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC, we ensure that the best practices are followed to be certain that DNA tests are accepted by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Once the testing process has been established and begun, we make certain to coordinate steps to provide accurate, reliable results.

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Typical Immigration DNA Tests

There are a few types of DNA tests that immigration agencies may require for their process to initiate. These types of tests include:

  • Kinship DNA – A kinship test identifies legitimate relationship between two or more individuals who claim a biological relationship, e.g. niece or nephew/aunt or uncle, child/grandparent.
  • Maternity DNA – This test verifies DNA matches in legitimate mother/child relationships.
  • Paternity DNA – This test verifies DNA matches in legitimate father/child relationships.

In order to make certain the right test is performed, we here at ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC suggests speaking with the local State Department or an embassy representative to find out which relationships will meet the criteria for given immigration criteria.

Work with a trusted partner to fulfill your client’s immigration DNA testing needs; contact your nearest ARCpoint Labs today!

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