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Inheritance & Estate DNA Testing

Settling Inheritance and Estate Claims Using DNA Testing

A will identifies inheritance rights when a person dies. This establishes the rightful claim to any assets left by the deceased. When a will is not present, state laws dictate the rightful claim to the assets in the estate. Determinations are made on the basis of biological and familial relationships. While spouses are always eligible for inheritance, depending upon the deceased’s state laws, their blood related children, siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins may also be eligible to inherit.

Recent News Regarding Settling Estates with DNA Testing

One high profile case in recent history involves death of the musician Prince. Over 700 people claimed to be blood related and thus eligible for inheritance from Prince’s estate. The probate judge in charge of his estate responded by ordering all those who claimed to be related to undergo DNA testing. DNA testing accurately and quickly confirms or disposes claims of inheritance. This approach saved thousands of dollars and months of time by decisively validating these claims.

Settling the Question Decisively Using DNA Testing

A person’s DNA is even more unique than their fingerprint. It is also unalterable and thus a much better marker for a person’s true identity. Even better, however, for estate matters, child custody, and paternity cases, DNA technology allows for the accurate positive identity of a biological family relationship. Many family relationships can be proven using DNA evidence. These relationships include paternity, maternity, sibling ship, and grand-parentage. Because of this, DNA evidence is quickly becoming a vital tool in determining inheritance and estate matters.

Other Ways where DNA Testing is Very Useful

Just some common uses for DNA testing are as follows:

  • Life insurance beneficiaries or other arrangements as a result of death
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Social Security benefits
  • Assuming estates, property, and trusts
  • Other issues of inheritance or estates that are entrusted to family members

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