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EtG Hair Testing

EtG Hair Alcohol Tests

ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC is a full-service laboratory, and our services include EtG/EtS alcohol testing for Third Party Providers (TPP). EtG/EtS alcohol testing has helped the following clients:

  1. Businesses that need to detect chronic alcohol use
  2. Lawyers who requests alcohol tests for their clients’ defenses
  3. Social service workers who investigate suspected substance abuse issues affecting the welfare of children

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC to use EtG hair analysis for the detection of regular use and abuse of alcohol.

A reliable testing method for chronic alcohol use is a sensitive screening test known as EtG metabolites hair testing. When alcohol is consumed, it can still be detected months later using EtG hair testing. ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC offers businesses and individuals this unique type of alcohol testing on-site.

Monitor long-term alcohol use and abuse with a hair EtG analysis from ARCpoint Labs.

Hair testing for EtG metabolites is a very accurate way to determine recent alcohol use. This alcohol screening method is highly sensitive and can detect alcohol consumption even months after the event. Our labs can even provide this unique method of alcohol testing on-site for businesses and individuals.

How does hair alcohol testing work?

The body produces EtG and EtS when alcohol is present in the bloodstream. The EtG markers that are absorbed into the hair structure are analyzed from a sample of hair.

The EtG hair follicle alcohol testing time frame for a half inch strand of hair is thirty days. The most recent 3.9 cm of hair is generally considered first by our lab for the most effective sample we can collect for this specific EtG alcohol hair drug test. Call your local ARCpoint Labs location to find out more about EtG hair alcohol testing, collections and results.

Young female with hair in a braid.
Image of a male hand holding a glass half full of whiskey, along side a tipped over whiskey bottle.

How much hair do you need for the alcohol hair test?

Whenever alcohol is present is the bloodstream, the body manufactures EtG and EtS. An analysis of the traits of EtG found in the hair can be made from a hair sample.

Because it produces the best results in EtG hair alcohol testing, ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC collects the most recent 3.9 cm of new hair growth.

A thirty day window exists for the EtG hair alcohol test for one half-inch single piece of hair. ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC uses the newest 3.9 centimeters of hair growth first because it produces the best results in the EtG hair alcohol test.

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For qualified EtG Hair Alcohol Testing technicians, contact ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC.