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Mobile & On-site Testing

Onsite and Mobile Testing for Drugs and Alcohol

The need for quality drug and alcohol testing comes in many shapes and forms. Whether you’re a business owner needing an employee tested following an accident on the job or a probation officer who suspects one of their parolees may have been engaging in behavior they weren’t supposed to, you just never know when this need will arise.

Here at ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC, we understand that needs vary, and we are dedicated to the provision of convenient, accurate and reliable results. Our mobile and on-site testing for drugs and alcohol allow you to receive the answers you need without all the hassle.

A Higher Degree of Convenience, Productivity and Testing Reliability

While you could have your test subjects come to our facility, it’s important to understand that this gives them the chance to think of ways in which they could attempt to tamper with their results. Furthermore, in the case of employment, you can expect a decrease in productivity as they have to leave the premises. Following are just a few examples of situations in which ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC can help offer the convenience you need with our mobile testing services:

  • Pre-employment drug testing for one or several applicants
  • Post-accident testing at your office or facility or at an off site location
  • Random testing of an entire pool at your office or facility
  • Reasonable suspicion testing of one or more employees on demand
  • As a courtesy for guests at events and locations where alcohol is served to prevent driving-related incidents afterwards

Testing When and Where You Need It – 24/7 Onsite Services

Companies across the nation are open at all times during the day and night, and our staff understands that situations arise even if business hours are over. If your business has operation hours that are outside the standard 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, ARCpoint Labs is here to offer the 24/7 service you need. Just give us a call, and we will deploy our mobile services to your site for quick and reliable results.

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