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Types of Drug Testing

Types of Drug Testing

At ARCpoint Labs, we know that every situation is different, and we will help you decide on a urine, oral fluid (saliva), hair, sweat patch or fingernail test depending upon your needs. There are many factors that come into play when making the right choice including the reasons for needing testing, the drugs suspected of abuse and how immediately results are needed. Regardless of which method we use, we guarantee delivery of accurate testing results.

Urine Testing

Common and affordable, we are trained to deliver accurate, unadulterated urine test results.

Hair Strand Testing

Hair samples for this test are easy to collect, and results offer insight into longer term drug use.

Oral Fluid

In vehicle and equipment accidents, saliva testing can be done on-site for immediate results. Non-invasive and difficult to cheat.

Nail Testing

Easy-to-collect fingernail samples are similar to hair strands.

Sweat Patch

When you require judicial-ordered, 24/7 monitoring, sweat patch testing is available.

Passive Exposure

Children and bystanders can be harmed by passive exposure to drugs and other substances such as those used to make them.

Rohypnol GHB Drug Testing

If you have been victimized by the “date rape” drug or believe you have, contact us. We can help you get proof or confirm your suspicion.

Random Drug Testing

Many employers have random drug testing policies. Learn what to expect and how to handle it.


On Site & After Hours Testing

If you need emergency testing on short notice, ARCpoint Labs can help.

Reasonable Suspicion Based Drug Testing

Any employer can ask you to take a drug test based on reasonable suspicion. Learn what to expect.

Drug Testing Factors

Consider these questions before calling for a drug test:

  •   How quickly do I need results?
  •   Do I need to determine short or long-term drug use?
  •   Which types of drugs am I trying to detect?
  •   Will you come to the lab or do I require mobile services?
  •   Will my test results be used for employment or judicial matters?

Knowing what you want and need allows the ARCpoint Labs team to determine the best drug test for you.

Image of a syringe being handed over to someone

By making ARCpoint Labs your drug testing partner, you get support for your needs and concerns. We will walk you through the options.

We work with you to determine your needs and concerns then recommend the best testing options for you.