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Cancer Screen

Cancer Screen Panels

In a cancer screen (blood test) from ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC, samples collected from blood or urine tests or other methods are analyzed in a laboratory for clues that identify what is going on, be it cancer or something else. The samples may contain cancer cells, proteins or other substances that can be produced as a result of cancer.

These tests can provide early detection for some types of cancer and thus enable early treatment. They can also give information about general organ functioning.

The information provided in these results can help your health care provider construct a personalized treatment plan for you. Let ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC help you tap into the power of knowledge.

Although ARCpoint provides many different lab tests without a doctor’s order, some, like cancer screens, require the knowledge, education and experience of a physician to be understood and interpreted properly. If you suspect something serious is happening with your health, and especially if you are concerned it may be cancer, contact your physician immediately.

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