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Although treatable, the STD syphilis is dangerous if allowed to progress for too long. It can cause damage to the heart and other important body parts as well as transmit to babies while the mother is pregnant. This is known as congenital syphilis. This disease is most common in people 20-39 years of age who are sexually active. The main sign is typically sores about 21 days after infection. These can progress if not treated.

One female physician giving medication to female patient.

Don’t Wait! Get Tested Now

There are serious risks if you are infected with syphilis and don’t get prompt treatment:

  • Stillbirth
  • Passing the STD along to a newborn (congenital syphilis)
  • Higher chance of contracting HIV (2 to 5-fold increased risk)
  • Damage to the internal organs (including heart and brain) if the disease is not treated
  • Possible death

Syphilis is spread through anal, oral or genital contact and is treatable with antibiotics. However, once it’s gone, it can return. As a result, regular follow-ups with your physician and ongoing testing will help maintain your recovery and health.Read more facts about Syphilis from the CDC.

Timing Matters – Get Tested at ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC Today

Those of you at risk for STDs, please get tested. The earlier you know, the earlier you can take action. ARCpoint Labs of Columbia, SC can run a simple blood test to determine if you have syphilis. No doctor’s order, insurance or appointment required. Confidentiality guaranteed.